EP-HPW - 1 Liter

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Category/Type: Purified Water

Description: EP Highly Purified Water (EP-HPW) Intended for use in the preparation of products where water of high biological quality is needed, except where Water for Injections (WFI) is required. Highly Purified Water meets the same quality standards as WFI but the production methods are considered less reliable than distillation, and thus it is considered unacceptable for use as WFI.

Applications: Water for Injection (WFI) quality for Cell Culture can be used for a wide variety of applications, including preparing powder or Advanced Granulation Technology™ (AGT™) media, making solutions and diluting buffers. For Research Use Only or Further Manufacturing. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Quality: This water produced and tested to meet or exceed EP standards (USP-WFI), each lot is quality tested for sterility, endotoxin, conductivity, pH and oxidizable substances.  This water is manufactured at a cGMP compliant facility, located locally. The facility is registered with the FDA as a medical device manufacturer and is certified to ISO 13485 standards

Product Specifications: TOC < 500 PPB Conductivity @ 20˚C  < 1.1 µS /cm Nitrate (NO2) < 0.2 PPM Aerobic Bacteria < 10 CFU/100 ml Endotoxin (EU/ml) < 0.25

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