ASTM Type II - 55 Gallon

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Category/Type: Deionized Water (De-ionized, DI, Demineralized)

Description: ASTM Type II 55 Gallon Drum

Applications: Type II laboratory grade water is an essential part of creating chemical reagents, microbiological buffers and media that are consistently pure. It is also an excellent source of water for glassware washing, and as feed water for laboratory equipment such as autoclaves, laboratory dishwashers, and water baths. Additional applications would include: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Ion Chromatography (IC), Pathology Cytology + histology work, Photometry and spectrophotometry, Electrophoresis, General Chemistry Feed for laboratory ultra-pure water systems

Production: ASTM Type II water is commonly produced by ion exchange, reverse osmosis (RO), ultrafiltration or electro-deionization processes and distillation.

Quality: This water is manufactured at a cGMP compliant facility, located locally. The facility is registered with the FDA as a medical device manufacturer and is certified to ISO 13485 standards

Product Specifications: TOC < 50 PPB Resistivity @ 25˚C  > 1 MΩ Aerobic Bacteria < 10 CFU/100 mL Silica < 3 PPB Particulate < 0.2 µ (less than 1 unit / mL) Pyrogen (EU/ml) < 0.25